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3 Client Limit in this group
Accepting Applications for Clients to Begin in September
Payment Plan Available
Payment Plan 3 monthly Recurring Payments
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This program is designed for you if you are ready to put your heart and soul into really manifesting change on multiple levels of your life. We’ll work on a list of your most hoped-for goals, discovering and clarifying what it is you truly want, uncovering and clearing away those obstacles, and moving you quickly into action. You will be accountable for your “homework” exercises and action steps during this Transformational Process. This program includes:

  • 12 1-hour intensive coaching/consulting sessions (by phone or Skype, scheduled to be completed within a 6-month time frame).
  • A written report provided after each coaching session – this record of key points from your session means you have a permanent record of our work together (and a-ha moments); you also won’t have to worry about capturing everything on paper and can focus intensely on the process itself.
  • Daily email access with Latrece to e-coach you through obstacles, blocks and challenges as they arise between phone sessions.
  • Periodic updates by email to make sure you’re on track with completing your action plan and homework
  • Resource recommendations and access to Latrece’s personal/professional network, if relevant to your situation

What will participants take away?

  • Refined purpose and vision
  • Clearer understanding of strengths and aptitudes
  • Confidence in their own worth and perspectives
  • Leadership presence and influence
  • Problem solving capability that resolves issues
  • While strengthening relationships
  • Skilled time and priority management
  • Totally Renewed Mindset to overcome Obstacles


The doors for TCD is currently open for 10 women ONLY

I am a Coach that believes in Giving My All to my Clients, so I limit the number of women in my Coaching Groups to make sure each has QUALITY TIME. This program is packed with valuable content and resources that will take you from unclear vision to vision queen, no business to business owner extraordinaire or unknown coach to super star status in 6 weeks GUARANTEED honestly.

You can change your life and its worth way more than that What’s included?

SIX 1:1 1 hour focused coaching sessions via phone or Skype.

Priority email support for the duration of your coaching.

Complete satisfaction money-back guarantee.

During weekly coaching sessions, Latrece will present information on the following topics:

  • Living an Authentic Life
  • Beginning The Journey (Self-Awareness)
  • Personal Mastery (Self Improvement)
  • Purpose Mastery (Self-Directedness)
  • Change Mastery (Discovery-Fulfillment)
  • Interpersonal Mastery (Destiny)
  • “Connecting, Transforming, Becoming”
  • Action Mastery (Accountability & Commitment)
  • Enjoying the Journey (Reflection & Next Steps)
  • “Sister to Sister Sharing”
  • Access to A Secret Facebook Group

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1-1 Fast Track Coaching Entrepreneur & Executive


  • 3.0 hours of private coaching (or 4 45 min. sessions)
  • 1 additional 10 min. call as needed Unlimited email access
    • One Time Payment
    • Payment Plan Available
    • Payment Plan Two (2) Monthly Recurring Payments

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This option is for entrepreneurs or executives who want to move quickly with high-level support toward their business and career goals. Private coaching is for you if you:

  • Have an established business or career path and want to take some bold actions to connect with your core values and create big results.
  • Have a new business or new career path, and you want to customize it so your success is sustainable with coaching support from the start.
  • Want a clear and comprehensive roadmap to sustainability by partnering with a coach who has taught others to achieve their goals. Know you want someone to expose “blind spots” to get the answers you don’t even know you’re looking for.
  • Want to plow through roadblocks to create a successful future regardless of where you’ve been.

Here are more details about Latrece’s private coaching program for executives and entrepreneurs. Engaging in these 1-1 Fast Track Coaching Programs, you will:

  • Get into a healthy alignment with profitability giving you the freedom to be your best self.
  • Identify a personal mantra that will help you realize who you are, what you stand for and how to honor that.
  • Know, without a doubt what your “WHY” is so rather than working to live, you’re living to work.
  • Position yourself with a financial foundation that will catapult you into sustainable success.
  • Know your self-worth and ask for it. Maybe it’s time to ask for a raise or raise your rates!?
  • Gain confidence to be able to handle any situation with ease.
  • Create a career path that suits your passions, personality, and skill set.
  • Customize your services that are a unique match to your specialty, and make it work for you. (It’s time to create a business model and schedule that works with YOUR lifestyle!).
  • Realize you have a coach that you never knew you needed who will keep you honest, hold you accountable, and challenge you.

These programs are not designed to stroke your ego. You will be provided with clear direction to face your reality and ask yourself tough questions to identify your truth. Therefore, you will have the tools to finally meet and exceed your goals to success.


POUNCING ON SUCCESS 6 Hour VIP Business Breakthrough Strategy Session ( One Time Payment )

Payment Plan Available
Payment Plan Three (3) Payments
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Are you feeling anxious or impatient about your business?

Are you fully committed to following through on your sales and business goals?

Do you need to move your business forward or finally get that project done that you’ve been putting off?

When are you going to let yourself be done struggling?

Sounds like you’re ready for a breakthrough!

Then my Business Breakthrough Strategy Day is JUST FOR YOU!

Read the following statements out loud to make a commitment to yourself:

  • I am ready to alleviate the potential of many more months of procrastinating, wondering and waiting.
  • I can implement concrete solutions and sales goals for my business.
  • I am ready to be done with struggling.
  • I know I can make big decisions that will benefit my business and am willing to be accountable.
  • I admit I have personal energy blocks and I am ready to change.
  • I will take the steps to create successful strategic plans for my business.
  • I will take the next step and schedule my 6 Hour Business Breakthrough Strategy Session.

Your Program Includes:

  • “R-Factor” Leadership Process – Assessment & Debrief – (Done 1 week before our meeting).

“R-Factor” Leadership Assessment

The R-Factor Leadership process is an unbiased and very accurate tool that provides a clear measurement of how you are using your energy.

The “R-Factor” measures our ability to be resilient and successful in any situation, our sales ability to get buy-in from others and the sustainability to achieve our goals.

By learning and applying these principles and concepts, you can increase your ability to shift your own energy and the energy of those around you.

The results will inspire and motivate yourself and others while experiencing a greater sense of purpose.

You will accomplish more with less effort and stress, attracting positive and powerful people who operate at a higher level of engagement – bringing success to you and your organization.

  • 6 Hour Business Breakthrough Strategy Session – Have your breakthrough via Skype or through an in person “working lunch ” in a conference room
  • Accountability Check – To ensure you put your strategies into action.
    Either a 1-hour call or 2 thirty-minute calls

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