Do you have a Program, Event or Course in your “HEAD” that You just can’t get together on paper?

Are you struggling with Content, Branding and Marketing of this particular idea?

I know! You just can’t seem to put that webinar together to get the product or service out.


Join me, along with 3 other Lioness, as I help take your idea from “THOUGHT TO PROFIT”

Spend one and a half days creating & finalizing your program and creating your landing page.

This one and half Days Intensive is for you if…

  • You’re ready for challenge, and would feel short changed without it
  • You’re prepared to set aside(1.5) days, without interruption, to focus on your business success. This is a full-immersion experience!
  • You’re willing to be present, work hard, and take some risks for 1.5 days; you’re ok with drawing on some courage and take a leap or two.
  • You’re up for exploring new concepts, and new behaviours You love to learn, and are happy to be taught some new approaches as part of the mix
  • You’re ready to be accountable! You’re serious about making some new success happen
  • You’re ready to invest in creating the business success you’ve been craving
  • You’re ready to create a strategy, program, event or course that’s the perfect fit for your specific business, that feels meaningful, and that you’re excited to follow in order to create the success you want

Intensive Schedule


Arrival & Check-in 5pm-7pm
7:30-9:30 Working Dinner
Discuss personal assessments and pre-intensive “Lifework”
9:30-11pm Free Time Open Discussion
11:00pm Lights Out


*Water & Snacks will be provided throughout the day*
7am- Morning Meditation at The Spa
8:00-9:00 am – Breakfast
By creating distinct programs that focus on a single subject, you’ll be able to better server your members with valuable insight

Read more..
Want to know the biggest mistake new (and even established) coaches & consultants make with their group or one-on-one programs? It’s thinking too broadly.
We’ve already covered why narrowing your program’s focus will help you provide better value to your clients, but you also must narrow your client list as well.
11:45am -12:45pm – OUTLINE YOUR TRAINING
Now that you know what you’re going to teach, and to whom, it’s time to outline your program
1:00-2:00pm – WORKING LUNCH
Discussion and Q&A on morning sessions
There are three considerations when it comes to deciding on the format of your program. We will examine all three.
3:45-4:45pm -PLAN YOUR LAUNCH
Even the most amazing program won’t sell itself. You will need to put in a little planning here, to get the biggest impact. The good news is, once you get the pieces in place, you can rinse and repeat for ongoing profits. You will be given step by step instructions on how to launch a successful program.
5:00-6:00pm – Overview Discussion

What to Expect

This One and half Days Business Coaching Intensive takes place face to face at the beautiful Founders Inn and Spa in Virginia Beach VA.

Once your date is confirmed, you’ll gain access to a secure portal that’s been pre-loaded with worksheets and MP3 audio recordings to help you prepare. You’ll be able to start the conversation with your coach there, online, and pre-agree the specific outcomes you want from the one and half days you spend with me.

During the weekend, you get to work through six areas of focus with me over the course of a 6-hour session each day. The output from each focus area will be captured and sent to you within 5 working days, as part of a visual report of each day.


March 24th & 25th

September 22nd & 23rd

What’s included

  • Secure passworded access to our client portal, and your personal use of all the worksheets and action plans that you’ll find there to help you prepare
  • Our own prep time
  • A visual report of your output on each day, delivered to you digitally within 5 working days of the weekend session
  • Breakfast and refreshments throughout the day
  • The cost of the Beautiful Executive Suite you will occupy with 3 Lioness
  • BONUS: Autographed Copy of my book “Make Me Over Again, This Time Forever” and a beautiful binder to include all your assignments in.

What’s not included

  • Your travel expenses to Virginia
  • Your Lunch & Dinner expenses

Get Your ROAR On Business Intensive

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$821.00 Pride Membership Price
$537 two Payments
$437.00 Pride Member Payment Plan

The six areas of focus

  • Focus 1: Reflection and taking stock – where the business is at now, celebrations, acknowledgements
  • Focus 2: Values – exploring and then specifying foundational and inspirational values
  • Focus 3: Vision and direction – where I want to get to, how that will feel, and why it’s important
  • Focus 4: Your niche – getting under the skin of your ideal customer, defining how best to serve them, and fine tuning the business results you want
  • Focus 5: Passive income – exploring what’s possible, what the impact will be, and how you can get started. Begin Creating and Putting together your programs and services
  • Focus 6: Pulling it all together – creating a resonant strategy from the heart, exploring blocks and barriers, committing to purposeful action. Creating Landing Page and setting prices
  • Before you go: Summary of key learning and next steps
“Your Intensive Coach” For The Day

Latrece Williams Mcknight

I’ve facilitated many private intensives over the years, and I’ve been the client in many intensives as well.

To be a client in one of these private intensive days, is one of the most profound gifts you can give to yourself as a woman entrepreneur. Why? When you consider that most of us spend about 10-12 hours a day, 5-6 days a week working on our businesses and growing our ideas…doesn’t it make sense to take one day out periodically to receive mentoring, support and to develop and create new strategies to make your company more profitable and more enjoyable?

Growing my Six-Figure Coaching business wasn’t easy, but with partnerships, mentors and coaches I’ve managed to take my business to levels I could never imagine! And Guess What? IT’S STILL GROWING! I would love to spend this time with you to help you grow your empire as well…