Hi! I’m Latrece


your Women’s Transformation Coach, ready to help you Identify your Passion and Connect with your Purpose and turn your Purpose into Profit.

My Story

For years I did what I had to do, not what I wanted to do, so that everyone’s needs around me were met “except my own”. I felt burned out, I disliked sitting behind a desk doing accounting, I wanted to take on a new career and did not know how.

All of the things I want to help you through I’ve been through and now have found my passion and identified my purpose and have turned it into a successful coaching business.

I am adamant about not allowing other women to have to go through the challenges of being stuck, confused, unsure, unaware and feeling unworthy.

Leading Business &

Womenpreneurs with

a mighty ROAR

Latrece AKA Lioness Latrece motivates and
instructs business’ and womenpreneurs to
Reinvent themselves, Optimize their potential ,
Affirm their passion and Radiate their greatness.

Her transformational messages not only bring her
audience motivation, but they drive them to take
action. She presents tools that will help you and
your organization’s members develop the Leader
within and motivate them to follow you and
inspire them to respect you.

Latrece is the Author of Make Me Over Again, This
Time Forever. She is also one of the selected
coaches and consultants to co-author The Amazon
Best Seller “Behind Her Brand” Women of
Influence, Equipping, Educating and Empowering.

Latrece’s high energy

programs inspire leaders,

aspiring leaders and

passion seekers to:


  • Create a BOLD & ROARING Vision to live beyond their comfort zone
  • Share a clear picture vision that inspires others to follow
  • Gain a keen sense and discernment to know the needs of the team
  • Learn Communication Skills that exude confidence not intimidation

Most Requested Speaking Topics

LeadROAR ship Through Influence

Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can increase your impact on others by Becoming a Person of Influence. In this presentation Latrece will help you learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others that will have your personal and organizational success going & ROARING off the charts.

Get Your R.O.A.R on!

Are you ready to REINVENT yourself to become the woman who has been screaming inside of you to come out? Are you ready to start OPTIMIZING on your potential so that you can live at the Next Level? How would you like to learn how to AFFIRM your passion to identify your purpose and turn it into profit? Do this and RADIATE in your greatness. There is a ROAR inside of you that must be heard and it starts with this ROARING presentation that guarantees to have you ROARING your way to success.

The Seven Principles of P.U.R.P.O.S.E

Allow Latrece to take you through seven principles to identify your PURPOSE. Discover why PASSION will drive you to doing what you Love, why your UNIQUENESS is what will carry you to the top, how RELATIONSHIPS are everything when growing your business and discovering self, discover the Purpose within Your PAIN, learn how being an OPTIMIST plays a major role in finding your Purpose, see how SMILING will not just make you happy but healthy so that you thrive in your purpose and lastly EQUIP yourself to know so you can grow in your PURPOSE. This presentation will have you living each day On PURPOSE.

“Power is in The Arms of The Beholder”

~ Latrece Williams-McKnight


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