Igniting Your Passion
To Identify Your Purpose
& Turn A Profit

Hello Lovely Lioness!

Are you a woman who…

Feels “Burned Out”?
Are in a career you dislike?
Want to take on a new career and are not sure what and or where to start?
Have graduated and are looking to make the transition into the real world?
Are growing near retirement and need to make the appropriate life transitions?

If so, You Just Landed On The Website That Will Change Your Life!

I am Latrece,

your Women’s Transformation Coach, ready to help you Identify your Passion and Connect with your Purpose and turn your Purpose into Profit.

I am adamant about not allowing other women to have to go through the challenges of being stuck, confused, unsure, unaware and feeling unworthy.

As seen in

I am Here To Help You...

  • Become significantly more proactive and guide you to achieve all your personal goals, rather than performing your life in a clockwork like manner.

  • Build the life and career you have always dreamed by driving you towards your passions, talents, and help you get your priorities in order.

  • I will be dedicated to making sure you are accountable for your goals… My main focus will be “YOU and everything about YOU!” With me as your partner you will be assured and have a truthful supportive relationship that will help you achieve all of your “Wants”.


Each session was a true breakthrough, and each week I would be able to share with you how it's growing and changing into the professional woman I wanted.

A’Shanti Gholar

With me coming beside you as your coach,

you will be able to accomplish the dreams that you thought were not possible.

If you can envision and see it, you can very well achieve it…
and that’s what I aim to help you realize.


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