Boundaries are in order! 

New Boundaries = Healthier Relationships  “People only treat YOU how YOU allow them too” ~ Latrece W. McKnight  All relationships need boundaries to remain healthy. Consider there are certain things you discuss with your best friend that you’d never discuss with your child or your mother. Boundaries help to determine how much you give and […]

Haterade:  Putting out the “envy fire”

How to Overcome Jealousy No, it’s not Gucci Man, but Haters are real! No one likes to feel jealous, but most of us do feel this emotion at one time or another. However, although jealousy is part of the human experience, it doesn’t have to rule our lives. Let’s take a look at what causes […]

4 Steps to Creating an eCourse in a Day

Think you don’t have time to create an eCourse? Think again. Many of the courses you’ve seen for sale—or maybe even purchased—were created in a single day. For savvy business owners, creating a new course is just a matter of putting the pieces together. If you’ve been in business for more than a few weeks, […]

One Problem, One Solution: The Benefits of Keeping Your eCourse Simple


Tell me if this sounds familiar. You begin to write a blog post, and before you know it, your “quick update” has turned into a rambling, 3,000 word novelette that covers everything from where to find a graphic designer to how to design a business card. Now, a 3,000-word blog post can be great for […]

9 Killer Ideas for Finding Your Next eCourse

Here’s the number one question I hear—not only from new product creators, but even from seasoned business owners: “How do I find a good idea?” What they really mean, of course, is “How do I find an idea that will sell?” No one wants to spend days or weeks or more planning, developing and launching […]

Create In-Demand Products and Services That Sell

If there’s one thing that holds promising entrepreneurs back from launching their business, it’s this: a lack of confidence in their products. Sure, you think that new course or workshop is a great idea, but how do you know it will sell? Imagine spending weeks or even months of time—plus the cost of document design, […]

3 Proven Ways to Market Your New Business

The world is filled with great ideas and broke business owners with fabulous products but no sales. The fact is, ideas are not what drives most business success. Marketing does. So before you quit your day job to branch out on your own, it pays to have a solid marketing plan in place. Start with […]

How to Launch Your Business and Keep Your Hair

Let’s face it, the last thing you want to do now that you’ve decided to finally leave the 9 to 5 job is to add more stress to your life. Isn’t that why you decided to build your own business in the first place? You’re looking for freedom from your awful boss, nasty coworkers, and […]

HOW TO Build a Business, Not Another Job


Many people dream of working for themselves, being their own boss, and having the freedom to only take on clients and projects they love. What they don’t realize, though, is that there is a huge difference between building a business and being self-employed. Business owners scale their income. Self-employed people trade dollars for hours Business […]