Greeting My Lovely Lioness,

How many of my Lioness feel like you may be going through a MIDLIFE CRISIS? Well, Let me help you out.
For smart, goal-driven women, like you, a mid-life crisis isn’t about recovering lost youth. It’s about discovering the application of their greatness. The problem is that no one has defined what “greatness” looks like so the quest has no specific destination.

Having the goal of “being great” is as hard to define as it is to achieve. There is always “the next great thing” to master, which may leave them feeling incomplete. I have come to call this phenomenon the “Burden of Greatness.”

If you are questioning what is next for your career and possibly, your life, this is a great time to talk to friends who might be going through a similar experience. One of the worst things busy women do is put their friendships on the back burner. There is no need to “tough it out on your own.” Find a friend who is also interested in personal development who won’t judge the struggle you are experiencing. Be careful, many friends are only here for your right now, not your not yet. They may not understand you or your vision. A GOOD WOMEN’S TRANSFORMATION COACH FOR WOMEN 40+ BY THE NAME OF Latrece Williams-McKnight can help as well. 🙂 . I would recommend the coach over the friend because the coach would not be bias.

Here are some questions you might explore together:

1. What do I feel I should have done by this time in my life?

2. Is there something more important and fulfilling that I can focus on now?

3. What do I want more of in my life?

4. What have I imprisoned that is crying to be free? What will Make Me ROAR?

5. How can I ensure my commitment to living a significant life?

Above all, don’t let people tell you that you have no right to be unhappy with your life. It is okay to lose your equilibrium when others think your life should be smooth sailing. It is okay to question your life’s purpose. It’s okay to say, “I don’t know who I am.”

It is better to ask the questions and seek the answers than to live a numb life.

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself. Some call this a mid-life crisis; I call it the Heroine’s Journey.
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