Whether you’re starting out or considering a possible change in direction, asking yourself the right questions is critical. The following seven questions can help you figure out where your heart lies and what you really ought to be doing.

1. What is something you believe that almost nobody agrees with you on?
2. What am I doing when I feel most beautiful?
3. What are your superpowers?
4. What are you willing to try now?
One of the best ways to find your purpose and passion is through experimentation
5. Looking back on your career, 20 or 30 years from now, what do you want to say you’ve accomplished?
6. What is your sentence?
is a question designed to help you distill purpose and passion to its essence by formulating a single sentence that sums up who you are and what, above all, you aim to achieve.
7. So what did you enjoy doing at age 10?

Sometimes by looking back into the past you can get a glimpse of who you really are and what you loved doing before others started telling you what you should do.

Take a moment and really examine these questions and work through them.. I promise you IT WILL CHANGE YOUR MINDSET and YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE!