Today’s Quote: “Prowl Through Your Past to Push through Your Present” ~Latrece
While some of us have had horrible pasts, and the rest of us have portions of our pasts we would prefer to forget, we will not progress toward the acceptance of ourselves unless we reconcile the role our pasts have played in the becoming of us.

As persons, we are who we have become. I always say, “THERE IS PURPOSE IN OUR PAINS”
All of what we have endured has gone into the psychic melting pot that comprises us.

There is no healthy rationale for continuing to endure shame because of what happened to us. We had little if no role in the construction project that was, with our parents and guardians as builders, our childhood. We were subject to the elements at play back then.
Even the healthiest of upbringings will involve some sense for ongoing shame. None of our parents were that perfect that they made no mistakes. Besides all this, we were born broken.

Accepting what is gone, by doing the inner work to get there, is crucial in being able to move forward. Don’t Let Your Past Prevent you from reaching your Potential…
How do we do this Latrece? I’m glad you asked

It is a great idea to learn from the past, as long as the lessons are constructive and support us in our development. However, if past experiences demotivate and discourage us, we don’t learn anything. We just get discouraged and we allow the bad memories to negatively influence us.

Learning from past events is limited to:
1. Observing what happened
2. Understanding how various things interacted with each other
3. Recognizing what didn’t work in order to be able to try a different approach next time or to NEVER

Learning from the past doesn’t mean being embarrassed, chastising oneself, or giving up!
AFFIRM YOU BY KNOWING YOU. Things that may have hurt you in the past TURN THEM AROUND to do GOOD for you and someone else. As you conquer your hurts you will unravel your purpose.

As we accept our essences of originality, taking stock of who we are, we are ideally placed to know what and who we are becoming.

A life that is throbbing with purpose is a good life. Everyone has the same task. When we discover who we are and what we are about our purpose becomes clearer or is affirmed.

We are a success when we are on the right road of our purpose.